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Working primarily through Channel Partners we provide a full range of services for end user clients, including:

  • Jet Reports Sales & Installation
  • Report design & consultancy
  • Full training - classroom or web learning for all levels
  • Mentoring for writing your own reports and Jet Certification

Our aim is to ensure that managers can obtain the best information possible from their systems, presented properly and professionally, to enable them to make the best possible decisions.

Sales & Installation

At Measure Metrics we can supply and install Jet Reports solutions with connections to any database using either SQL, ODBC or OLE connectivity.  Whilst we have a particular interest in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM we have also worked with Sage, Access, Oracle and numerous other databases with great results.

Design & Consultancy

Whilst Jet Reports are positioned as primarily for end-users we have often been asked by clients to work on special projects - reworking month-end reporting packs or redesigning reports for new management structures. Having written countless reports over many years we have a good idea about what works and what doesn't.

Recent projects have included:

  • Following a recent sale of the company, reworking the P&L and Balance Sheet into a format that the aquiring company can use for its own consolidated reporting.
  • Following a reimplementation of NAV 2013 R2 creating a new suite of reports for the Sales Team, but with a full reconciliation path back from the Item Ledger to the Sales and General Ledgers.
  • Following the creation of a new Account Management function building a single new report to provide a single, on-demand, 360 degree view of any specified customer - financial information from NAV, opportunities and support information from CRM, projects/work in hand from a customised Access database. 


Whatever your role Measure Metrics has designed a Jet Reports course to best meet your needs. Take advantage of classes specifically to help enhance the day-to-day performance of your particular role.  We offer a variety of courses at all levels of Excel and Management to position Jet Reports to meet the needs of all decision makers.

Contact Measure Metrics for course pricing, scheduling, needs assessment or any other questions you may have.


The primary object of the exercise is better reporting and better decision making - but importantly it is the synergies of combining Excel with Jet Reports that provides the added flexibility to enable end-users to write their own reports. Once past the basics the long-term best way forward is for Measure Metrics to work with the end-users and provide guidance while they  write their own reports. 

To assist with this self-development process visit our community/blog site to view weekly tips and updates as well as to ask questions on our forum.

For end users who have got to a good standard of report writing we also provide tutoring and mentoring for those who wish to gain the Jet Reports Certifications - from Jet Reports Specialist (JCS), to Jet Reports Professional (JCP) and Jet Reports Trainer (JCT).